The easiest, most affordable and best one stop solution for the hospitality industry. Connect to nature with-in the comfort of a luxurious pod , tent or a container based safari tent all year long.


    We provide you one stop shopping, from a small satellite camp attached to your current facilities, to a fully integrated high-end technical solution for water, waster water and energy in remote locations. Whether for your seasonal or permanent glamping set-up, we offer only high quality service and products.

    A complete glamping solution

  • Container Based Tents

    Our solution for luxury glamping in a tent in collaboration with GlamXperience.


    Our Glamtainer, a 20ft. module with a foldable side wall. The side wall is used as a part of the terrace. The tent is build on and around the module.


    The inside of the module is completely customizable: layout, floors,walls and built in furniture. Kitchenette or gourmet kitchen? Murphy bed, sleeping loft? We fit it out as you need it.


    The bathroom in the Glamtainer includes all amenities which you have in an upmarket hotel room. We can build in anything that fits into the module.

  • Boutique Hotel

    A permanent Boutique Hotel made of prefabricated modules.

  • XCUBE Geodesic Dome Advantages

    A turnkey solution with all necessary fit outs, ready to use, at the best price/quality ratio ever, to immediately offer an amazing glamping experience.

    5m diameter, 18m2 surface

    the perfect glamping dome size

    5m diameter, floor area 18m2, 3m height, 0.7m2 entrance tunnel. Ideal for 2 people.

    Easy to assemble and dismantle: 3 hours and 2 people to assemble everything.

    Structure + Cover + Interiors

    the main offer contains everything. Ready to use

    Turnkey solution includes steel frame, entrance door, PVC cover, ventilation flaps, separation walls, electrical and plumbing connections, bathroom (sink & chemical toilet) and shower, bed structure, closet, side table, all needed for a plug and use dome. All fit outs details explained on the section below or can be sent upon request.

    USD3,900 all inclusive

    the Best price/quality ratio on the market

    RAPID return on investment

    The price includes all elements mentioned above.

    Excluding transport. Minimum order 10 pcs.

    For more/less fit outs or a specific request, feel free to as ask us.

    Quality materials, smart interior design

    german attention to details

    Our international team, led by a German engineer, has designed all parts down to the last detail. We control each step of the manufacturing and quality control process, to deliver a perfectly finished and packaged product.

  • XCUBE 5m Geodesic Dome features

    What is included in XCUBE's offer ?


    Galvanized steel, powder coated white

    • Custom stamped tubular frame, diameter 26mm.
    • Galvanized to avoid corrosion.
    • All bolts. screws nuts and anchors needed.
    • Diameter and thickness of steel can be modified to adapt to extreme weather conditions.

    Entrance tunnel

    Part of the frame, with the same material

    • The cocoon experience needed a soft transition between outside and inside, the entrance door looks like a spaceship entrance.
    • More that the esthetic side, the entrance door offers a covered entrance area of 0,7m2, a transition place, protected from wind, rain and snow, before entering or leaving the cocoon.

    PVC cover

    White & transparent PVC (650 g/m2)

    • CNC machine cut and high frequency welded for a perfect fit to the structure.
    • Resistant and waterproof exterior membrane.
    • Cover tensioning system.
    • White PVC with transparent PVC on the top or on the side.
    • Windows with mosquito screens and ventilation flaps.
    • PVC material imported from Europe. No compromise on quality.

    Ventilation flaps

    on each part of 

    the dome

    • Enable air circulation to avoid humidity build up and condensation.
    • Zip operable, with mosquito screens.


    Fully integrated separation wall

    • Contains electrical and plumbing systems.
    • Melamine finished

    • Prepared to receive wash basin and shower.
    • Easy to anchor to the ground and connect to services.
    • The bed side of the wall is customizable with a big printed canvas.


    Including all 


    • Bathroom vanity, with porcelain sink, cabinet, tap and 50mm PVC drain pipes.
    • Acrylic shower tray with siphon, curtain rod and curtain, shower mixer valve.
    • Chemical toilet.
    • Towel and paper hangers.
    • All easily connectable to the wall.


    Structure, table, 


    • 140x200cm white melamine faced particle board, bed frame and headboard
    • Wood slat bed base
    • Bedside table

    Customized wall

    Large format printed fabric

    • 3mn installation into aluminum groove embedded into separation wall
    • You choose your image to match your glamping theme or the inside atmosphere you want to create.


  • Why Glamping in a Geodesic Dome ?

    The 5 main reasons


    not expensive

    A turnkey glamping solution for less than USD4,000. Yurts, tipis, campervans, tree houses, nature lodges, barns, huts, cottages or Safari tents can not compete.

    Extremely modular

    Easy to assemble and dismantle. Adapts to different locations and ground conditions. Can be relocated depending on location or seasons.




    Whether wind, snow or rain, the geodesic frame with its PVC cover is strong enough to resist to all types of weather.



    The geodesic form and the lightness of the structure gives the sensation of a cocoon connected to the environment. The structure is durable and has no impact on nature.

    Easily customizable

    The interior is free of supporting walls or rods making the inside space completely customizable. Size and location of entrance, windows, and skylights can be customized.

    And many 

    other reasons...

    Check out our blog article for all the details.

  • Staff Housing

    A comfortable housing for your staff.

    Staff Housing

    Our comfortable staff housing. If the staff is happy the guest will it too. You like to combine two or more modules? It's no problem for us.

    Staff Housing

    The apartments includes a small kitchen, a bathroom and a murphy bed. We can also provide apartments with 2 single beds. The apartments are complete customizable.

  • Glamping Customization

    Dome add-ons, Connected domes, Bigger domes, Eco cabins, Tents and Container based Tents our complete solution.

    You decide, we execute.

    Dome Add-ons

    not included in the basic offer, upon request

    • Inside liner with or without insulation properties for a warmer dome.
    • Solar powered fan to improve ventilation.
    • Wood stove with chimney for winter and cold weather.
    • Platform adaptable to all type of grounds.
    • Curtains for transparent side version of the PVC cover.

    We are Flexible

    yes, we are! We adapt to you

    • We obviously can provide only a part of the whole solution or more. 
    • You decide how you customize.
    • Feel free to contact us for more information.

    The 7m Family Dome

    bigger interior space for the whole familly

    • The experience under a 7m domes is completely different.
    • Interior surface is 38m2, with a big luxury closed bathroom, high end equipped, on top of which a children bedroom is installed. Double insulated interior liner, stove & chimney, everything for a 5 stars comfort
    • Total price, dome & above listed: USD17,400.
    • This offer will be released soon...


    Bigger Domes

    or 2 or more connected domes

    • For a bigger covered space in the glamping camp.
    • Could be used as a reception.
    • or restaurant area.
    • or as a space for sport, spa or other activities.
    • Feel free to give us your desired surface, we will give you a quote.

    Eco Cabins

    steel module with wide bay windows

    • Rectangular autonomous cabins can be added to create different spaces and moods.
    • 14m2 or 28m2 interior surface. Several modules can be connected.
    • Can be used as separate bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or lounge space.
    • Completely autonomous.
    • Check out our module product.
    • Ask us for a quotation.

    Container based safari tents

    luxury of a hotel with charm of a tent

    • 20ft. high cube module with a folding side wall
    • Luxury of a hotel room comined with a awesome tent
    • Whole equiped kitchen
    • Complete bathroom
    • all amenities as a hotel room
    • Murphey bed

    Shape your camp

    with different types of structures

    • Be your own architect and design your perfect camp with domes or cabins of different sizes. 
    • XCUBE can provide all the parts and you do the rest.
  • General Supply


    Water, Waste water, electrical is needed for your camp?


    We can provide all of them, we'll integrate them into a seperate module which is only used for general supply. Feel free to ask us for more information!

  • Why us?

    Strong engineering knowhow, many modular projects, but most important suppliers of the biggest geo dome glamping camp ever. We know how to build Glamping!

  • You are only 4 steps away from your customized glamping solution.

    1. Ask us for more details or tell us your specific requirements in the form below.
    2. We reply with all information, quotation details and procedure.
    3. If you want to see the product, you can visit us in Shanghai, we can help you organize your trip and will host you in China. You don’t even need a Visa if you stay less than 3 days.
    4. We send your glamping solution out a few weeks later, and assist you remotely until your camp is erected.

    Room 409, 4th Floor, Su Hehui
    No.1107 Guangfu Xi Road
    Putuo District, 200060
    Shanghai, China
    +86(0) 21 61369626 / 36
  • Connect with us

    XCUBE Engineering & Prefabrication is an Engineering and Manufacturing Company based in Shanghai, with a strong european background, providing high end modular and prefabricated building solutions.


    Address: Room 409, 4th Floor, Su Hehui, No.1107 Guangfu Xi Road, Putuo District, 200060, Shanghai, China

    Phone: +86 (0) 21-61369626/36

    Emails: info@xcube-engineering.com

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    All questions you might ask and more, on 3 parts:

    1. Our dome's offer FAQS
    2. Domes customization FAQS
    3. Dome specifications FAQS

    1- Our dome's offer FAQS

    How can I do if I want to see and try the product before buying?

    We always provide customers with pictures and videos of their product during the whole process to keep them in touch with complete transparency. We also invite them to visit us in Shanghai, we help organize the trip and host you in China. For less than 3 days, no visa is needed to come to Shanghai.


    How come your prices are lower than your competitors?

    Operating from Shanghai allows us to leverage Chinese material costs, logistics and comparatively lower labour cost to provide the same European quality at a more competitive price.
    Besides, we use our modular construction knowhow to offer a complete modular glamping solution, not only geodesic dome structures for events.


    Why there is a minimum quantity?

    To be able to provide a such high quality glamping solution for a very affordable price, we need to have a MOQ (minimum order quantity). Also, to reduce transportation cost to its minimum, we need ship by full 20ft container loads.


    What is the delivery time for the domes?

    Depends on stock, but considering no stock, production time is around 6 weeks and transportation time around 4 weeks.


    What are payment terms? How can I do if I am not used to international operations?

    Once you are decided, you make a deposit. The balance is paid once the goods are packed, inspected and loaded onto the ship. It depends also on the order quantity. If you are not very familiar with international operations, we can support you on this and have our European partners help you.


    What is the package size of a basic dome solution including interiors ?

    The dome structure with its cover and basic offer interiors have a volume of 2.5 cubic meters. A 20ft container can hold 10 to 12 complete dome solution.


    What does the transport cost ?

    A 20ft container costs an average USD1200 from Shanghai to Europe and USD2100 to USA. (just an estimate based on January 2016 rates, costs likely to fluctuate).

    2- Domes customization FAQS

    Is it possible to buy the structure only?

    You can acquire just a part of the solution. If you need just the dome structure with the cover, it is possible, but the minimum buying order requested increases a little.


    How can I customize my dome?

    You can have more add-ons: inside insulated cover, wood stove and chimney, solar powered fan, curtains, platform (check out our add-ons part). You can have the design you want printed on the wall fabric. You can even customize your cover by choosing the position of flaps, windows and transparent PVC.


    How do I heat or cool dome interior?

    For cold weather, you can add an insulated inside liner and add a stove. For hot weather, you can use an air conditioner, solar fans and roll up ventilation flaps.


    Do you provide any floor solutions?

    The floor solution is not included on the basic offer. But upon your request we can provide a perfectly fit wood or steel platform that leaves enough space for a little balcony. Depends on you. Contact us for more details.


    Can I have a detailed list of what is included in your offer?

    Just ask us, we will provide all information needed.


    How can the Eco Cabin be used in a glamping camp?

    The 14m2 and 28m2 Eco Cabins are completely autonomous and can be used as a shared kitchen, private luxury bathroom, lounge space, or bedroom. Connecting several of them offers different types of architecture and organization inside a glamping camp. Their large bay windows allow you to connect with nature.


    If I want to change my dome covers, can you help on that?

    Of course. If you are facing little issues with the cover or want to change them after a long time of use, we can provide new covers.

    3- Dome specifications FAQS

    What is a Geodesic dome?

    I invite you to check wikipedia's definition, can't do better :).


    What is the frame made of? Can it resist to all situations?

    Galvanized steel. Can be powder coated white. It is strong enough to resist to different weather conditions. For extreme conditions, heavy snow or others, thickness can be increased. Our engineers will take care of the strength needed based on the data you give us. The price might change a bit.


    What is the entrance tunnel for?

    More than the esthetic side, the entrance door offers a covered entrance area of 0,7m2, a transition place, protected from wind, rain and snow, before entering or leaving the cocoon.


    What type of cover do you use? Which one is better for me?

    PVC white coupled with transparent cover, 650 g/m2, material imported from Europe. The transparent PVC can be either on top or on the sides, depending on the landscape and the general theme inside the dome.


    How are domes anchored to the ground?

    Domes are anchored to the ground in various ways, depending on the soil and your preferences. Could be ballast, could be stakes/ earth nails, could be screw in anchors or helical piers.


    What about insulation and ventilation inside the dome?

    The PVC cover is water proof. For cold weather, an interior insulated liner can be placed to improve the comfort.
    Zip operable windows and flaps are placed all around the cover to ventilate the structure as needed. A solar powered fan can be placed on top to improve air circulation.


    Any maintenance needed for the frame, the cover? What is their lifespan?

    The steel structure can stand up to 10 years with very low maintenance, cleaning time to time. Cover can last up to 5-7 years in extreme conditions, on a full time use basis. If seasonally used, both can last longer.


    What do I need to assemble a dome? and fit outs?

    2 or 3 people, 3 hours, our instruction manual, and some basic tools, that's all you need. Fit outs will take an additional 1 or 2 hours.


    Can I use my dome all year long?

    All year long, all seasons, can stand for years.


    Do I needed a construction permit? Is there any ground improvement to do before dome installation?

    Usually no construction permit is needed. Sometimes, depending different country regulations, an authorization might be needed.
    Ground generally needs limited improvement. Generally a wood platform supported by some pillars is used as the base for the dome. Steel platforms can be used as well, they are stronger and can last longer.